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When you are a carpet cleaner in Brighton and Hove , you automatically have a great variety of work coming in; from the letting agencies dealing with the large number of student accommodation and young professionals, to the large number of small business premises from offices to restaurants and pubs. Obviously, with such a significant gay community in Brighton, it is important to be a gay-friendly business. If you are friendly and interested in people, you increase the chance of getting to know them and why build up a customer base that repeatedly ask for your service. You often hear people say that Brighton is London by the sea and its true on any given sunny summers day the beach and city centre can be thronged with stag and hen parties and day trippers. So it’s important that Brighton’s hotels, shops and entertainment venues, create a good clean impression and we all know how a dirty carpet can be unattractive in odour and appearance. Carpet cleaning is a profession where you often going into peoples’ homes and businesses and they expect trust, reliability and honesty.

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I always agree a price before I start and am truthful as often as I can be about the likelihood of getting a particular stain out or how effective a clean will be. The longer you leave a stain, the more likely the carpet will be permanently damaged and marked, when the fibers are dyed irretrievably. With most stains, especially liquid, immediately press kitchen towels or white tea towels/ terry cloths down onto the affected area to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Some of the commercial products available in supermarkets contain small amounts of bleach and over-application can lead to white marks being left which are impossible to eradicate. If you are in any doubt call someone with experience and look online for two or three different sites of what to do with spillage of a particular substance.