Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

In the fight to keep your carpet like new, Prevention is always better than cure! Always remove outdoor footwear before entering the carpeted area of the house to avoid bringing dirt in. Doormats and entrance mats will help to prevent soil build up around doorways. It will also reduce the amount of soil entering your home. Vacuum regularly. This reduces the soil and dirt that builds up near doorways and the roots of the carpet. Vacuum in several directions to help pick up all the dirt. Adding a little baking soda to the bag in your vacuum helps to fight odours. A professional clean once a year will help prolong its life.

Tackling carpet stains at home

If you feel the stain does not warrant the cost of getting a professional in, We recommend . 1001 provided the most effective range of solutions for tackling everyday stains and spills, cleaning large carpeted areas and floors and everyday freshening of carpets and upholstery. In our many years experience they offer the closest solution to the chemicals we use in commercial cleaning, and offer the best results for your carpet.

How to remove some common carpet stains.

Press an ice cube against the wax stain. The wax will harden and can then be pulled or gently scraped off the carpet
Chewing Gum is a nightmare, when soft its almost impossible to remove. The solution is simple, ICE. Rub the ice on the chewing gum, and once it hardens it will pull away from the carpet.
Scrape away excess crayon or remove it by placing a sheet of brown paper over the crayon stain and pressing it with a warm iron until the paper absorbs the melted crayon. Move the paper frequently so that it doesn’t get over saturated.
Blot, Blot, Blot, the first step when tackling a wine spillage is to bloat the stain using a clean cloth or kitchen roll. Press down on the effected area, rotating the cloth to a clean side each time, do not rub the area as this will work the stain further into the carpet. If you cannot tackle the stain immediately, sprinkling salt over the area will help soak up the moisture, once dry you can hoover up the salt before a carpet cleaning fluid used.
It is always wise to test a cleaning fluid on an inconspicuous area of carpet before use. No one thing is completely safe for all carpets, due to the many different materials, dyes and manufacturing techniques used.
If in any doubt of how to remove a stain, keep the area damp and call City Carpet Cleaning on 07973 800 348 for professional advice or carpet cleaning services.
Steaming will often help raise the marks in your carpet left from heavy furniture. Hold a steam iron close enough to the carpet for the steam to penetrate the fibers, and gentle lift the carpet marks with a clean brush. Be careful not to let the iron touch the carpet, and synthetic fibers may melt.
If you have loose threads coming from your carpet, snip them at the pile height. Pulling them may risk unraveling the carpet.