Carpet Maintenance



Maintaining carpet through regular vacuuming, deep cleaning, and stain removal has many benefits:

  • Extending the life of the carpet (ground in soil particles weaken carpet fibers)
  • Providing a fresh, clean look to a room
  • Making a room smell better
  • Helping allergy and asthma sufferers by removing germs and dust



Carpet runners and mats help prevent soil from being tracked inside. Pads under desk chairs can prevent ground-in soil.


Dirt and grit damage carpet by rubbing against carpet fibers. Carpet sweepers and rakes can remove surface dirt, but regular vacuuming (as often as possible-some manufacturers recommend one day per week per person in the household) prevents the deep abrasion that ruins carpet. Remember to empty the vacuum or change the disposable bags often.

Choose a vacuum with:

    • Dual motors (one motor provides suction while the other powers a beater bar that loosens dirt)
    • Good filtration
    • Correct brush height adjustment for your type of carpet
    • A beater bar or rotating brush which loosens the dirt and grit better than a canister vacuum
    • A top-loading bag instead of a bottom-loading bag



Vacuum brushes can damage some thick loop pile carpets (such as Berbers). Follow the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations or use a suction-only vacuum for these carpets.[/one_third_last]



Sprinkling salt an hour before vacuuming brightens carpet.


Hold a steam iron over flattened carpet to pull the fiber up. Be sure not to touch the carpet with the iron.


Allow an ice cube to melt in indentations left by furniture for the carpet fibers to rise again.[/one_third_last]

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