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The Steempro Powermax

Steempro The Steempro Powermax is a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning machine. It combines dual 3-stage vacuum power with a new long life 150psi induction diaphragm pump. The ideal high power carpet extractor for the single operator, the Steempro Powermax incorporates a large 35 litre solution tank in a compact body design for maximum efficiency and portability. With an internal “whisper quiet” silencer and upright mounted motors with exclusive intercooler unit the Steempro Powermax represents the state-of-the-art in professional carpet soil extractors. For those stubborn staines the in-line heat exchanger provides a continuous hot cleaning solution.

For more information on our eqipment please take a look a the Steempro website.

Prochem Cleaning Chemicals

The industry’s most comprehensive range of low foam carpet cleaning chemicals for use in hot water extraction cleaning equipment. Prochem liquid extraction detergents are quick acting emulsifiers that release and suspend soils to give maximum cleaning with minimum residue.

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