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Carpets are an investment.  If you want to prolong that new, fresh carpet feeling under your feet you need to take care of them. Regular vacuuming will help, but to give the deep clean they need you should call in the professionals. At City Carpet Cleaning we provide a full cleaning service, giving your carpets a new lease of life, or just maintaining their freshness. A clean carpet is a healthy carpet, a deep clean will rid your carpet of accumulated soil & dust and any mites & bacteria that general vacuuming does not combat.


We will offer the best solution possible to remove unwanted stains, although not all stains can be removed. The longer a stain is left the more difficult it becomes to remove, so act fast!  If your household cleaning solutions are not working get the professionals in. City Carpet Cleaning’s hot water extraction system and our specialist chemicals will remove most household stains, such as pet urine and odour, rust, ink, tar, oil or grease and caffeine.

Commercial Cleaning Service

It is important to have a clean and tidy work environment not just for your staff but also so you can be proud when clients visit. Regular cleaning will improve the look and feel of you carpet, even in heavy traffic areas. We understand you are running a business, and so we are fully flexible to plan our visit around your schedule.

Before we arrive

For both commercial and domestic properties we will move and replace items of furniture so that as much of the area as is feasibly possible will be cleaned. We respectfully request that you remove any small pieces of furniture or objects from the room and vacuum the area before we arrive.

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