Few Ways to Follow for Avoiding Mould on Your Carpet

Moulding on the carpet is a common issue that may happen due to overexposure to moisture. The mould and mildew can be easily removed from hard surfaces such as floors and walls. However, when removing them from the carpet, you might face some challenges. Mildew on the carpet generally affects the underlays first, which can be hard to spot.

Signs of Mould Formation on Carpet:

If your home is located in an area with damp weather, you are most likely to face the mould problem. You can identify the formation of mould on the carpet with a few signs. These include dampness on the carpet surface or a musty smell. All you need is to take a good look at the insides of the carpet. If the problem is serious, you need to contact a reliable source for carpet cleaning in Hove.

Things to Follow for Protecting Carpet from Mould:

Following some basic maintenance tasks can prevent mould and mildew from forming on your carpet. These will protect your valuable home decor investment from wearing out rapidly. More about this is discussed in the following parts of this blog.

  1. Clean the Spills over the Carpet: Wet or moist carpet is a major cause of mould growth. Its formation does not take time and may affect the integrity of the valuable material. To prevent mould and mildew formation, you should clean it immediately and avoid the carpet from getting wet. You should follow the same steps when there is a leak or a flood in your house.
  2. Add Ventilations in Your Room: With proper ventilation, you can control the entry of moisture inside the room. While designing the room, it is important to keep enough space for proper ventilation. However, if your room is situated in an enclosed space, you should give importance to using portable dehumidifiers. Keep the humidity level at 65% or less to avoid mould formation on the carpet.
  3. Vacuum the Carpet Frequently: Vacuuming is a helpful cleaning activity that you can practise. It keeps the carpet free from moisture and prevents the formation of mould, mildew and other bacteria. A weekly vacuuming routine can keep the carpet in pristine condition.
  4. Get Professional Help: You should follow this step if the mould issue on your carpet has gone out of your hands. A professional carpet cleaning team always effectively removes moisture-induced damage on the carpet. They also possess specialised cleaning devices that can prevent the problem from happening again. If mould formation has been too much, you can also ask them to perform steam cleaning on the carpet.

These are some effective ways that can help you remove mould from your carpet. If you are looking for expert assistance, you can always contact City Carpet Cleaning. We provide complete support in carpet cleaning in Hove. We can help remove mould and mildew from your decorative home accessory. Our team comprises certified experts who have been in this field for many years. To learn more about our business, you can visit our website today.