How to Protect Your Pet While Cleaning Your Upholstery?

To keep your furniture and decorative installations in their best shape, it is advisable to go for upholstery cleaning regularly. It is a helpful cleaning exercise that can keep your property clean and protect it from harmful bacteria and microbes. Cleaning upholstery is a proper effort to protect your family members from diseases.

Look Out for Your Innocent Friend:

Although upholstery cleaning in Brighton is helpful for your family, the process may be a bit problematic for your pet. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you must shift them to a safe location, so they are not affected by the cleaning process. The professionals use certain cleaning agents that may not be suitable for their health.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During Upholstery Cleaning:

To protect your innocent companion, it is important to talk with the cleaning service beforehand. Here are some steps that you can follow to protect them during the cleaning process.

  • Keep them Away from the Cleaning Area: The best solution is to keep your pet away or outside the house during the cleaning process. This will prevent them from getting in close contact with the cleaning solution or its residues. As a result, the chances of the pets getting affected by those agents are slim. It will also be helpful to close the doors of the room where the cleaning is done.
  • Dry the Upholstery Properly: After cleaning, the upholstery should be dried properly. Not only does it encourage proper use, but it also prevents the chances of growth of mould and bacteria. The pets may get affected by these microbes if they sit on wet or recently cleaned upholstery.
  • Test Your Pet for Allergies: You may not know, but your pet may be allergic to some substances. Before the cleaning professional starts using them, you can perform a small test. With this, you can remain assured that the agent will give your pet a harmful reaction. If your pet starts sneezing or itching their body parts, you must not wait. Take them to a vet nearby to get proper treatment.

By following these steps, you can keep your four-legged friend safe from the reactions of chemical cleaning agents. To get proper assistance in upholstery cleaning in Brighton, you can collaborate with City Carpet Cleaning. We are among the most reliable names for cleaning sofas, carpets and furniture. Our cleaning team has access to modern cleaning tools, which ensures a safe and smooth cleaning procedure. For more information, you can visit our website today.