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How to Maintain a Carpet in its New and Best Condition

Investing in a beautiful carpet for your home also comes with the responsibility of maintaining it from damage. It will eventually save you money in the long run while avoiding bacteria and smells. Regular maintenance of the carpets can provide better longevity. They make our home warmer with their insulation property. We recommend booking a professional carpet cleaning in Hove to ensure stain-free carpets.

Tips For Stain-free and Damage-Free Carpets

1. Regular Cleaning: A vacuum cleaner can be your best friend in maintaining your carpet. Dirt can build up quite easily between the fibres of the carpets. Though they might not be visible, you should vacuum your carpet at regular intervals. If you own a furry friend at home, you may need to vacuum more often than usual. We recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning in Hove for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

2. Place Mats in the Hallway: You should place a small rug in front of the entrance door. You can also put long runners in the hallway as they capture the dirt and moisture from the shoes before anyone makes their way to the living area. But of course, this also means cleaning rugs and runners more often than the carpets.

3. Avoid Spills: Avoid eating or drinking anywhere in the house than the dining area. It will reduce the spilling of beverages and food. However, it's quite a difficult task if you have infants or pets in your home. Spot cleaning can also help if you find any stains on the carpets.

4. Reduce the Soiling from Outside: Soil is your home's main source of dirt. The amount of soil entering the house depends upon its size. But if you own a big property, you definitely can't miss a day cleaning carpets. Your family members may bring a lot of dirt and dust from outdoor spaces like the garden.

5. Using Old Rugs as a Dirt Trap: You can use pieces of old rug to reduce the soil coming from outside. Cut them into pieces and place them on the sides of the car, where people open the doors to get down. This is a simple and effective tip.

City Carpet Cleaning offers a range of cleaning services for carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and rugs. We are a fully insured company and also offer commercial office cleaning. Contact us today or check out our website to learn more about our services.

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