Stain removal carpet cleaning Brighton

We are experts at stain removal and carpet cleaning based in Brighton and we offer a free quotation and on-site assessment with no obligations. In virtually¬† all cases of spillages onto carpets the first step is always to blot as much as the stain with a clean white towel; rubbing can sometimes work it deeper into the fibres. Then dilute 1/4 cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of handwash detergent, with water and spray the effected area and leave it for several minutes before blotting again. This mainly applies to drinks ( coffee, tea, wine, juice, blood etc) but not for inks or paint for example.¬† If this doesn’t succeed then try calling us for advice and we can use our specialist stain removal products (urine neurtraliser, coffee stain remover, Stainpro, solvents for ink/paint/oil etc). Occasionally people try ordinary Kitchen or Bathroom spray and that can lead to bleaching leaving a white mark on the carpet, so always be careful what products you use and try not to use too much. If in doubt call us on 07973 800 348.

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