Five Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Brighton? To ensure the quality of the service, you need to ask some important questions before you pick a carpet cleaning service. This is the best and safest way to feel confident in your choice and fully understand exactly what you can expect from the service. Additionally, you can also eliminate the companies that show significant red flags. Here, we have outlined the most important questions to ask when choosing a carpet cleaning service.

The most essential questions to ask when choosing a carpet cleaning service

Here, we have highlighted the key questions you need to ask when judging the quality of a service.

Do they give free estimates?

Any quality carpet cleaning company will provide you with free estimates. It should involve a written or emailed quote that gives you all the details of what they are doing, what packages they offer and so on. This quote should be free, and there should not be any price associated with it.

What kinds of carpet cleaning methods do they use?

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of carpet cleaning to be able to ask this question. You need to ensure that they have a wide repository of carpet cleaning methods available. Different cleaning methods work best depending on different types of carpets. If you have sophisticated upholsteries and carpets, you need to make sure that the cleaning company is capable of working with them.

Do they have the proper insurance?

The question of insurance, in the case of a carpet cleaning company, boils down to liability insurance. This means if the company ends up causing damage to your carpet in any way, their insurance will cover the entire damage. This is rare, but this could as well happen. In that case, the insurance will replace the entire carpet and cover any other costs.

How long will the carpets take to dry?

You should clearly ask them how long it will take for the carpets to completely dry after a cleaning process. They may also have some tips and strategies to shorten the time required to dry.

What kinds of guarantees can they offer?

Finally, when they took up your service, it is important to ask what kinds of guarantee they would be able to provide. A good carpet cleaning company should be able to assure you that they will come back and fix if something does not seem right or something is missed. You also need to ask them whether they are applying any kind of stain guard or protection.

These are five important questions you need to ask a carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Brighton. If you are looking a reliable and meticulous cleaning service, reach out to City Carpet Cleaning. We can help you out with versatile carpet and upholstery cleaning services.